Managing fulfillment requests

A fulfillment request is a record of the items that Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) fulfills based on a customer’s order in your Shopify admin. A fulfillment request contains the items that SFN needs to pick and pack to fully or partially complete the fulfillments for a Shopify order.

An order can have more than one fulfillment request. For example, if an order needs to be fulfilled from inventory stored in multiple fulfillment centers then the order can include multiple fulfillment requests per order.

  • Fulfillment requests that are placed before a noon cut off time will receive same day fulfillment.
  • Fulfillment requests placed after noon will receive next day fulfillment.
Estimated delivery timelines for orders from SFN
Order details Estimated delivery timelines
Domestic standard fulfillment 3 days or less with available inventory
Domestic Alaska, Hawaii and territory fulfillment 5 days or less
International fulfillment15 days or less

If a fulfillment request requires your attention, then a banner notification is shown in your SFN app.

You can access your fulfillment requests in your SFN app by clicking View all in the Open fulfillment requests section.

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