Processing returns through Shopify Fulfillment Network

Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) fulfillment centers can accept returns for orders that are fulfilled by SFN. You can only create return labels for US customers who are returning items to a US fulfillment center.

If a customer wants to return a product, you can start a return from the Orders page in your Shopify admin, and then send the shipping label directly to your customer. After the customer ships the product, the SFN fulfillment center processes and inspects the return.

When returns arrive at an SFN fulfillment center, SFN personnel inspect the products to determine whether they are in sellable condition. Depending on the condition of the products, SFN takes the following actions:

  • If a product is in sellable condition, then SFN restocks the product to your inventory.
  • If a product is missing a barcode or polybag, then SFN corrects the issue and restocks the product to your inventory.
  • If a product can't be resold because of missing product packaging, then SFN marks the product as unsellable and doesn't restock it.
  • If a product is damaged and can't be resold, then SFN disposes of the product.

SFN can process returns within 30 days from the date that you create a return label. If a customer doesn't use a return label, then you aren't charged for it. You're only charged for return labels that are scanned and accepted by a shipping carrier.

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