Payments Glossary


Adjustments are the transaction types where chargeback amounts are deducted or returned if successfully overturned. You'll also find the credit card fees returned to you when you refund an order appear as positive adjustment transactions in your payouts.


A chargeback occurs when one of your customers disputes a charge from your store to their bank. They may have one of a number of reasons for doing this — but the result is the same: you should dispute the chargeback or risk losing the sale and paying the chargeback fee. Unlike any other payment gateway, Shopify Payments gives you control over reviewing and disputing chargebacks right within the Shopify admin.

Chargeback Fee

The chargeback fee is debited along with the chargeback amount from your next payout, or deducted directly from your bank account. If you successfully overturn a chargeback, we will return your chargeback fee along with the full recovered chargeback amount. The fee is $15 in the United States and Canada, £10 in the United Kingdom, €15 + 23% VAT in Ireland, and $25 AUD in Australia.


Charges are shown in your payouts as the full amount of the credit card transaction. Total Charges are equal to your sales ($) minus (-) the associated processing fees ($), and are the amount ultimately paid out to you for your sales.

Card rate

The rate and fee, determined by your Shopify plan, applied to each order accepted through Shopify Payments. The rate is a variable percentage that depends on your Shopify plan. The fee is a fixed charge per transaction on top of the rate. For example, 2.25% + $0.30 where the rate is 2.25% and the fee is $0.30.


If you're using Shopify Payments in Ireland, then 23% VAT (Value-Added Tax) will be collected along with the card rate.


This is an abbreviation for "Card Verification Code". It is the three (3) digit code on the back of your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. For Amex cards, it is four (4) small digits on the front. The CVV helps identify the authorized cardholder. Also referred to as CVC, or CVV2.


A payout is a transfer of funds between Shopify and the bank account that you've associated with Shopify Payments. The payment amount can be positive or negative, and reflects the total value of your orders after we've deducted our transaction fees. Shopify Payments tracks your pending payouts, displays a payout schedule, and tracks a history of what has been paid out to your bank account.


An amount less than or equal to the original order amount returned back to your customer's credit card. Shopify Payments’ credit card fees will be refunded to you if you refund a customer for an order they have placed. The returned credit card fees will appear as an adjustment in your payouts.

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