Preparing your products for sale on Pinterest

After your store has been approved by Pinterest, any eligible products from your online store that have been pinned on Pinterest (by you or anyone else) will appear as Buyable Pins for customers using Pinterest:

Buyable pin example

For products to be considered eligible, they need to meet the requirements set out in Pinterest's Advertising Rules. If they don't, then you can review and fix their publishing errors from the Accounts page of the Pinterest sales channel in your Shopify admin.

Review Pinterest's product requirements Pinterest sets out detailed Advertising Rules to make sure your customers have a great experience using Buyable Pins.
Check your products' publishing status Check the Account page to see if any of your products have errors that prevent them from being published as Buyable Pins.

Review Pinterest's product requirements

Your products must meet the requirements in Pinterest's Advertising Rules before they can be Buyable Pins. For products to be eligible, they must:

Check the status of your pinned products

From the Account page of the Pinterest sales channel, you can view a list of the products from your online store that have been pinned on Pinterest (by you or anyone else), and whether they're eligible to be Buyable Pins.

Pinterest account page

The Status section displays how many products from your online store appear as Buyable Pins.

The Publishing section displays a list of products that need to be updated before they can be Buyable Pins. You can make any necessary changes from the Products page in your Shopify admin. Products that are eligible to be Buyable Pins don't appear in this section.


Products that appear with errors on the Pinterest sales channel are still eligible to appear on Pinterest as Rich Pins (they'll still display up-to-date pricing and inventory information, and link to your online store).

The Colors section displays the colors from your product variants that match Pinterest's color swatches. These let Pinterest users search for Pins based on specific colors.

The Sizes, Materials, and Patterns sections display the product options that appear as Size, Material, and Pattern on your products' Buyable Pins. According to Pinterest's product requirements, pinned products must not have variant options other than color, size, material, or pattern.


Pinterest has a limit of 20,000 buyable pins per account.

View your Buyable Pins on Pinterest

You can view your Buyable Pins on Pinterest to see how they will be displayed to customers:

  1. In your Shopify admin, click Pinterest to go to the Pinterest sales channel Account page.

  2. Click View on Pinterest to see your Buyable Pins on Pinterest in the Shop Pins page of your Pinterest profile. Buyable Pins can also be discovered by Pinterest users in feeds, search results, and boards.

Pins might take up to 6 hours to appear Buyable, and it might take up to 5 days for Buyable Pins to appear in the Shop Pins section on Pinterest. You can learn more about Buyable Pins at the Pinterest Help Center.

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