Stores temporarily excluded from Shopify Markets

Shopify Markets is rolling out to Shopify stores beginning January 31. At this time, a small amount of stores will be temporarily ineligible for access while the plans to migrate existing configurations to Markets are finalized. Your store might not yet be eligible for access to Markets because of one of the following issues.

Regional language variants

You might not yet be eligible for access to Shopify Markets if you have translated your store into a variation of Chinese (simplified or traditional) or Portuguese (Brazilian or standard).

For example, if your store's base currency is the Brazilian Real, and Brazilian Portuguese is not also your store's default language, then your configuration can't yet be migrated into Markets.

Domains that don't target a country or region

You might not yet be eligible for Shopify Markets if you use international domains, and one or more of your domains don't target a country or region.

For example, we can't yet provide you access to markets if you use different domains that intend to target the same country in different languages. This might look like that targets Canada in English, and which targets None in French.

Primary domain that doesn't target your primary market

When your store is migrated into Shopify Markets, you'll have a primary market and secondary markets, depending on where you currently sell today. Your primary market is derived from your store's address and base currency. For example, a store based in the United States with USD as the base currency will have a United States primary market.

If your primary domain targets a different country than your primary market, then we can't yet provide you access to Shopify Markets.

When will my store be eligible for access?

We're working quickly to help your store realize the benefits of Shopify Markets. If you don't yet have access and believe that you should, then contact Shopify Support.

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