FAQ for wholesale channel to B2B migration

Why is Shopify deprecating the Plus wholesale channel and introducing B2B on Shopify?

B2B on Shopify is the future of selling business-to-business (B2B) on Shopify, and improves upon the features offered on the wholesale channel, while also offering new features to wholesale businesses.

B2B on Shopify gives you access to more built-in first-party features to support your wholesale business, without the need for a separate wholesale store or platform. This includes easy access to advanced customization for themes, pricing, and checkout, as part of your Shopify Plus plan. Learn more about B2B on Shopify.

Does B2B on Shopify have all the same features as the Plus Wholesale Channel?

While B2B on Shopify offers new features and benefits for selling to B2B customers, it also includes many popular features of the wholesale channel, including checkout to draft and customer-specific product publishing through catalogs.

Currently, there are a few differences between the Plus wholesale channel and B2B on Shopify:

Table of the differences between Plus wholesale channel and B2B on Shopify features
Plus wholesale channel featureCurrent B2B on Shopify offering
Customer signup formIn the Plus wholesale channel, the customer signup form gives customers the ability to sign up directly from your wholesale store. While this feature isn't currently available on B2B on Shopify, you might consider using a third-party app in its place. Note, third party apps won't automatically transfer customer-submitted data to your Shopify admin.
Additional price list typesIn B2B on Shopify, catalogs are the equivalent of price lists. Learn more about B2B catalogs and the current differences between catalogs and Plus wholesale channel price lists.
Minimum order totalsIn the Plus wholesale channel, you can set a minimum dollar value that a customer must purchase. While this feature isn't currently available on B2B on Shopify, you can implement minimum order totals using metafields and checkout validation Functions, or a third-party app. Reach out to Shopify support to learn more.
Product-level quantity rules and volume pricingIn the Plus wholesale channel, you can create product-level quantity rules and price breaks for product purchasing that allows customers to mix and match different variants to meet the minimum purchase amount. While this feature isn't available on B2B on Shopify, quantity rules and volume pricing can be set at the variant level.

Does it cost more to use B2B on Shopify?

No. B2B on Shopify features are included as part of your Plus subscription.

Can customers order from the Plus wholesale channel and B2B on Shopify at the same time?

Yes, you can have both the wholesale channel and B2B on Shopify active at the same time. However, the Plus wholesale channel will be removed on April 30, 2024, at which time customers will be able to order only through B2B on Shopify.

Keep in mind that after you use the company set up tool to create a B2B company and location, any orders a customer places through the Plus wholesale channel won't be associated with their B2B company profile.

Who can I speak with if I have questions about migrating to B2B from the Plus wholesale channel?

If you have questions about migrating to B2B on Shopify, then contact Shopify Support.

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