Preparing to run ads

Before you start running ads with Kit, it's a good idea to plan which products you want to promote and set your ad budget. Kit is free to use, but any ads that you run cost money and are billed to you directly by Facebook. When you're ready to run an ad, see Using Kit with Facebook, Using Kit with Instagram, or Using Kit for email marketing.

Ad templates

By customizing your ad templates, you can choose the kind of text that's used when Kit creates ads for you. In this section, you can turn on or off any ad text presets for each category:

  • Newest products
  • Best selling product
  • Slow selling product
  • Showcase your store
  • Send a photo

You can also enter your own ad text and click Submit to create your own preset. If you use the text {title} in a custom preset, then it's replaced by the title of the product.

Selecting the products to advertise

Kit connects to your Shopify store and stays up to date on the newest, best selling, and slowest moving products in your store. Kit always offers those three categories to you as options to advertise in your Facebook or Instagram ads.

If you'd like a little more control over the products that you advertise, set up your priority products.

Ad budgets and duration

Kit's ad budgets are pre-set to help your ads succeed. You can't change the budgets.

The duration of an ad campaign depends on the budget you select when you start the campaign.

Ads with a budget of $30 or less run for 2 days. Ads with a budget of $30 or more run for 7 days. Dynamic product ads run for 14 days.

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