Hardware overview

If you're using Shopify POS, start by choosing the hardware you need to accept payments using cash, cards, or both. Then upgrade to the Shopify plan or higher when you're ready to use specialized retail hardware like barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash registers.

You can also use shipping hardware—like label printers and scales—to speed up your shipping and fulfillment process.

Choose your components Plan your Shopify POS setup by choosing components that suit your needs.
Supported credit card readers If you're using Shopify Payments or a supported third-party provider in Canada, the continental United States, or the United Kingdom, then you can choose one of the supported card readers from the Shopify Hardware Store.
External credit card terminals If you can't use one of our supported card readers to process your transactions, then you'll need an external credit card terminal from a payment processor.
Supported iPad stands We support a number of iPad stands for your Shopify POS system, all available from our Hardware Store. For full support from Shopify, match the model numbers if you buy from another provider.
Adding retail hardware Upgrade to the Shopify plan or higher if you need additional retail hardware such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, and a cash drawer (you'll also get some enhanced in-app features such as register shift tracking).

Choose your Shopify POS hardware

Depending on your business, the kind of retail hardware you'll need might be a bit different:

If you run... Then you might need...
A pop-up shop iPad + card reader
A store iPad + card reader + receipt printer
Multiple stores or a warehouse iPad + card reader + receipt printer + barcode scanner + cash drawer

You can choose a variety of components for your Shopify POS system, depending on:

  • whether you take cash, cards, or both
  • whether you're on the Shopify plan or higher.

Where to buy hardware

If you're in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Ireland, then you can buy hardware from the Shopify Hardware Store:

Canada hardware.shopify.ca
United States hardware.shopify.com
United Kingdom hardware.shopify.co.uk
Ireland hardware.shopify.ie

If you're in Canada or the United States, then you can buy the retail custom kit from the Hardware Store to quickly get your Shopify POS system up and running.

Buy from other vendors

Except for the supported card readers, individual components are also available from original vendors or resellers, including the following:

Country Reseller
Australia gorillalab.com.au
Japan primex.co.jp
Singapore Kingly

Model number quick reference

To make sure that the hardware you buy is supported by Shopify, you must verify the model numbers on items you buy (unless you're buying from the Shopify Hardware Store in Canada, the continental United States, or the United Kingdom). Model numbers must match those shown in the following table.

Retail component Model name Model number
Bluetooth Wireless Receipt Printer Star Micronics TSP100IIIBI 39472110
Bluetooth Wireless Receipt Printer Star Micronics TSP650IIBI 39449871
LAN Receipt Printer Star Micronics TSP100III LAN 39463110
USB Receipt Printer Star Micronics TSP100USB 39461110
Cash Drawer APG Vasario 320 VB320-BL1616
Cash Drawer Star Micronics 13"

37964220 (black)

37964180 (white)

Cash Drawer Star Micronics 16"

37965600 (black)

37965590 (white)

Cash Drawer Star Micronics 16" (United Kingdom only) B-2002FN (black or white)
Cash Drawer Windfall Cash Drawer HDWFCDA and H225
@Rest iPad Stand Heckler Design @Rest Stand HDAR2 or H234
iPad Air Stand WindFall Stand for iPad Air (fits iPad Pro 9.7") HDWFA1 or H236
iPad Mini Stand WindFall Stand for iPad Mini HDWFM01 or H434
Swipe (audio-jack) card reader Swipe (audio-jack) card reader Available only from Shopify
Swipe (30 pin) card reader Swipe (30 pin) card reader Discontinued
Swipe (Lightning) card reader Swipe (Lightning) card reader Available only from Shopify
Barcode Printer Dymo LabelWriter 450 1752264
1-D Barcode Scanner Socket Mobile S700

CX3360-1682 (blue)

CX3397-1855 (white)

Socket Mobile 7Ci

CX2870-1409 (grey)

CX2895-1508 (white)

CX2885-1484 (red)

CX2883-1480 (yellow)

CX2887-1486 (blue)

2-D Barcode Scanner Socket Mobile S740

CX3431-1881 (blue)

CX3419-1838 (white)

Socket Mobile 7Qi

CX3308-1528 (grey)

CX3316-1536 (white)

CX3312-1532 (red)

CX3310-1530 (yellow)

CX3314-1534 (blue)

Wifi network Google Wifi NLS-1304-25
Barcode Label Dymo (1" x 1") Small Label 30332
Barcode Label Dymo (1" x 2 1/8") Medium Label 30336
Barcode Label Dymo 1 1/8" x 3 1/2") Large Label 30252
Barcode Label Dymo Butterfly (Extra Small) Label 30299
Shipping Label Printer DYMO® 4XL Label Printer (USB) 1755120
Shipping Labels DYMO® 4" x 6" Shipping Labels 1744907

30-day return policy

We have a 30-day return policy on all hardware (except card readers) bought from Shopify.

Be sure to complete the return form when returning an item to us or making an exchange.

Re-using your own equipment

You might be able to re-use these components if you already own them:

  • cash drawer (if you're on the Shopify plan or higher)
  • barcode label printer
  • iPad stand.

Components you can't substitute

If you use any of these items, they must be the exact models and can't be replaced by alternatives:

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