Introduction to your Dashboard

When you log into the Exchange Marketplace app, the first thing you'll see as someone selling a business is your Dashboard.

The Dashboard contains some useful features that will help you optimize your listing and find a buyer more quickly.

Once published, your Dashboard will display your listings recent views and contacts. We compare your numbers to the rest of listings on Exchange to give you an idea as to how your listing is performing and if changes could be made.

Your Leads and Contact rate is updated whenever you refresh the page. Other stats, such as your Listing Views will be updated automatically once daily. Check back each day to see how many potential buyers are viewing your listing.

Using this information

If your listing is getting a large amount of views but not many contacts it might be a good idea to take a look at your listing yourself. You might need to add more information to the description to encourage buyers to contact you, or it might be a good idea to consider listing at a lower price.

Keep in mind that although we compare your listing to the rest of the listings on Exchange, every business is different. Some will attract lots of potential buyers quickly, while others may take some time to find the perfect buyer who wants to buy your business.

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