Migrate from the Shopify Plus Partner Directory to the Shopify Partner Directory

Early in 2024, the Shopify Plus Partner Directory is being replaced by the Shopify Partner Directory. On this page, you can learn about what's changing, and how to migrate to the new directory.

What's changing

The expanded Partner Directory features improved browsing, search, profiles, reviews and sorted results to make it easier for merchants of all sizes to find the right Partner for their business objective.

As a Plus Partner, this unified directory improves visibility of your organization and provide more ways to showcase your expertise and past projects to prospective clients.

Migrate your profile

Your profile information was migrated from your current Shopify Plus Partner Directory profile. However, some fields have been added, modified, or removed.

About 30 days before your profile goes live, you'll receive an email reminder to review and edit your profile. Learn more about Shopify Partner Directory profiles.