Manage your Shopify Partner Directory profile

Your Partner Directory profile contains basic information about your business and the work that you do for merchants.

Only Partners who have been invited to the Shopify Partner Directory can create a profile.

You can find your profile, or create a new one, in the Partner Dashboard under Partner Directory > Profile.

Partners that have not been invited to the Directory will be able to create a profile in the future.

You can choose to hide your profile temporarily by deselecting the Display profile in the Partner Directory checkbox. This prevents your profile from being visited directly or being returned while searching or browsing the directory.

On this page

Profile contents

Your profile contains basic information about your business, including the following:

  • Your business name and website
  • An image or logo for your business
  • A brief description of your business
  • Contact information, including an email address and telephone number
  • Social media links
  • Whether you're currently accepting new clients
  • The languages you can provide services in
  • Your industry expertise
  • Your location

Your profile page also contains information about the work you do for merchants:

Finally, the profile includes a Contact button that includes a lead form.

Industry expertise

Merchants often prefer experts who are familiar with the merchant's industry, or who have previously worked on stores with similar requirements. To show merchants the types of stores you typically work on, you can select up to four industries that your business specializes in. These industries appear in your profile.

You can add up to six work samples to showcase your past work. You can use these samples to show the style, quality, and range of your work.

Within each work sample, provide a title, a description, and a supporting link to help merchants understand the work performed.

In the description, include details like the following:

  • The work or the services performed
  • How the work solved the merchant's problem or improved their business
  • How long the work took
  • An approximate cost for the work done to help merchants understand how much similar work would cost

Services you provide

Select the services that you can provide to users. For each service, use the menu button to add the following information:

  • The service price. Either enter the price range for the service, or select the Contact for pricing option.
  • Optional: select Set as specialized service.

You can select this option for up to five services to highlight your expertise or promote certain services on your profile. For each specialized service, you can add an additional description that highlights your experience or provides details about what's included in the service.

Services that you specialize in are displayed prominently on your profile, alongside the service price and your custom description.