How the Partner Directory works

The Shopify Partner Directory offers multiple ways for merchants to discover, learn about, and work with Shopify Partners.

Searching, browsing and filtering

Merchants can search for specific Partners, or by the service they need assistance with.

They can also browse Partners by service, and filter Partners by the following information, which is retrieved from your profile:

  • Whether you're accepting new clients
  • Price range
  • Services offered
  • Location (country or region)
  • Industry
  • Languages spoken

Merchants can then sort results using the default ranking algorithm, or by the Partner's average rating.

By default, the Partner Directory ranks Partners based on trust, performance, quality of work, and the user's location. The ranking algorithm prioritizes requirements that encourage active participation, referrals, collaborations, Shopify certifications, trust, performance, quality of work, and positive experiences for merchants. Local partners are highlighted to facilitate proximate connections.

Contacting a Partner

From your profile, logged in merchants can contact you using the Partner Directory lead form. Using the form, the merchant can provide their contact information, and basic information about the work that they need assistance with, including the store, the relevant service, their budget, and a description of their problem or goal. This lead form is sent to the contact email on your Partner Directory profile. Using the information in the lead form, you can contact the merchant directly.

Working with a merchant

After a merchant contacts you, you can use your own tools and processes to communicate with the merchant, define how you will work with them, and take payment for your work.


Partners can request a review from merchants they’ve collaborated with if the following conditions are met:

  • The partner is listed in the Partner Directory and has the right permissions to request reviews.
  • The merchant accepted a collaborator access request from the partner.
  • The partner and merchant have been collaborating together for more than 1 week.
  • The merchant has not already submitted a review for the partner.

If no request is made within 90 days of the collaboration start date, an automatic review request will be sent to the merchant if contact was initiated through the Partner Directory.

To submit a review, you select the relevant service, and rate the partner’s work quality and communication. You can also optionally include a note. Reviews appear on the partner’s profile in the Partner Directory within 48 hours of submission by an eligible merchant on a paid plan.