Setting up the Xero app

Xero app icon Go to the app store to install Xero.

To use the Xero app, you need an active Xero account. You can sign up for a free trial while setting up the Xero app in your Shopify admin.

If you need help setting up your Xero account, then refer to the Get started with Xero page at the Xero Help Center.

Install the Xero app in Shopify

To install the Xero app in your Shopify admin:

  1. Download the app from the Shopify App Store or click here.

  2. On the Install Xero page in your Shopify admin, click Install app:

    Install Xero app


    After you've installed the Xero app, you can open it from the Apps page in your Shopify admin.

  3. Now that you've installed the Xero app in your Shopify admin, you need to connect it with your Xero account. If you already have a Xero account, then click Connect now. If you don't, then click Start your 30-day free trial of Xero, create a new Xero account, and then click Connect now:

    Connect your Xero account

  4. On the Welcome to Xero dialog, enter the email address and password for your Xero account, and then click Login:

    Log in to Xero

  5. On the Authorise Application page, choose your store's organization from the drop-down menu, and then click Authorise:

    Authorize the Xero integration
    When the authorization is complete, the Xero app's Settings page appears.

After you've installed the app and connected your accounts, you need to configure the Xero app settings.

Configure the Xero app settings

From the Xero app's Settings page, you can associate the accounts in your Xero organization with your store's transactions. You can view a complete list of your accounts on the Chart of Accounts page in your Xero dashboard.

To configure your export settings:

  1. In the Select your Xero accounts section, choose which accounts to associate with product sales, payments, gift cards, shipping, and discounts:

    Select your Xero accounts section
    Product sales account An income account that records completed orders.
    Payment account An asset account that records payments received for all sales in Shopify. The name of this account as it appears in Shopify reflects your settings in Xero at the time of your last export.
    Gift card account A liability account that records purchased gift cards. When gift cards are redeemed, the corresponding liability is subtracted from this account. This account does not track gift cards that were issued manually. Learn more ›
    Shipping account An account that records payments for shipping charged on an order.

    You can view your existing accounts and create new ones on the Chart of Accounts page in your Xero dashboard:

    Xero chart of accounts
  2. If you want to assign all exported orders to a single Shopify Customer record in Xero, then select Do not export customers to Xero in the Customer export settings section:

    Customer settings section
    By default, the Xero app creates separate customer records in Xero for each of your Shopify customers.

  3. In the Export settings section, choose if you want to schedule automatic daily exports or receive export notifications by email:

    Export settings


    If you notice that an order is missing from an automatic export, then you can add it by creating a new export with a date range that includes the date of the missing order.

  4. Click Save or Complete setup to save your settings.

View and configure taxes in Xero

When your store is connected with Xero, Xero can help you manage and change your tax rates.

Viewing tax rates


If your Xero account is based in the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, this section does not apply to you. Read about mapping tax rates instead.

The Xero app creates tax rates based on orders from your Shopify store. Tax rates are created any time your Shopify data is exported to Xero. Tax rates created by the Xero app will have names that begin with SH.

To view tax rates created by the Xero app:

  1. From your Xero dashboard, click Settings, then General Settings.

  2. In the Organization section, click Tax Rates.

  3. Click the Tax Rates bar to expand the list of tax rates that have been created in Xero:

    Tax rates example

Mapping tax rates (United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand)

If your Xero account is based in the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, you must map your Shopify tax rates to the default Xero tax rates. You can do this while setting up the Xero app, or at any time from the Xero app's Settings page:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Apps (or press G A):

    Click Apps in the admin navigation
  2. Click Xero.

  3. Click Settings.

  4. In the Tax settings section, select a tax rate for each of the listed categories:

    Tax settings UK AU NZ

  5. Click Save to save your changes to the app settings.

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