Accepting Shop Pay Installments with Shopify POS

After you set up Shop Pay Installments for POS, you can offer flexible payment options to your customers in store by letting them buy now and pay later. Approved customers are offered the same installment payment options in store as they're offered on your online store. You pay the same transaction fees for in-store Shop Pay Installments orders as you do for online orders. Learn more about Shop Pay Installments.


Shop Pay Installments is available only to eligible merchants in the United States who sell in USD.

To accept Shop Pay Installments at POS checkout, you need to use the Shopify POS app version 8.4.0 or later.

Accept Shop Pay Installments at checkout

To accept Shop Pay Installments at checkout, you can select Shop Pay Installments as a payment option, and then your customer completes the checkout on their own device.


  1. On your POS device, from the Cart page, tap Checkout.
  2. From the Select payment option page, tap Shop Pay Installments. A QR code is generated for the customer's cart.
  3. Turn your device to face the customer, and instruct them to scan the QR code using their smartphone camera, and complete the application on their device.
  4. After the customer completes the application, is approved, and then pays for their purchase, confirm that the transaction shows as Completed.

Customer requirements

To check out in store using Shop Pay Installments, the customer needs to meet the following requirements.

  • Be making a purchase between 50 USD and 20,000 USD.
  • Have access to a smartphone device that can access the internet through Wi-Fi, or using data.
  • Have a United States billing and shipping address, and be paying in USD.
  • Pay with a Shop Pay supported card.
    • If the customer chooses to split their order into four bi-weekly payments, then they can pay with a credit card or debit card.
    • If the customer chooses a monthly payment plan, then they can only pay with a debit card.

Customer checkout experience

After you select Shop Pay Installments as the payment method at checkout, the customer needs to complete the following steps.


  1. The customer scans the QR code from the POS device with their smartphone, which opens up the checkout on a mobile browser.
  2. The customer does one of the following:
    • If they're a new Shop Pay customer, then they need to enter their email to create a Shop Pay account, and then enter their payment information and billing address.
    • If they're an existing Shop Pay customer, then they log into their Shop Pay account.
  3. The customer receives one of the following prompts:
    • If they're a first-time Shop Pay Installments customer, then they're required to enter qualifying information such as their date of birth and billing address as part of Affirm's application process.
    • If they're an existing Shop Pay Installments customer, then they might be prompted to enter additional qualifying information to help verify their identity.
  4. If they're approved to pay using Shop Pay Installments, then the customer chooses from the payment plans that are offered to them, and then taps Continue.
  5. After the purchase is verified by Affirm, the customer reviews their payment terms and conditions, and then taps Complete purchase.
  6. The customer returns the device to you or your staff member to confirm that the purchase has been completed.

Customers can learn more about using Shop Pay Installments on the Affirm Help Center.

Assist another customer while a Shop Pay Installments checkout is in progress

If a customer needs some time to complete the Shop Pay Installments application, then you can let the checkout process run in the background while you help other customers on Shopify POS.


  1. From the QR code screen, tap Assist another customer.
  2. Complete the checkout for the other customer.
  3. After checkout is complete, and you're ready to retrieve the Shop Pay Installments transaction, go to Cart > More actions.
  4. Tap View Shop Pay Checkouts, and then select your customer's transaction to continue.


The following limitations apply for Shop Pay Installments using POS checkouts.

  • You can only refund to the original payment method for Shop Pay Installments orders using POS. Exchanges or refunds to a gift card aren't supported for Shop Pay Installments orders.
  • Split payment methods aren't supported.
  • You can't sell a product with 0 inventory during a Shop Pay Installments checkout. Learn more about managing inventory.
  • Automatic discounts and discount codes aren't supported by Shop Pay Installments for POS. To apply a discount to an order, use a custom discount to check out using Shop Pay Installments.

Staff training for Shop Pay Installments on POS

You can use the following resources to prepare your staff to offer Shop Pay Installments to customers at your retail locations.

  • The Shop Pay Installments x Affirm online course provides your staff with an overview of the Shop Pay Installments checkout process, and shares best practices for staying compliant with state and federal regulations for offering installments.
  • The Shop Pay Installments resource sheets can be printed for your staff to reference when serving customers in store. This download includes a setup checklist, checkout instructions, in-store selling tips, and customer FAQ.
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