Editing staff accounts

For every staff account that you create you can edit the account details and add a picture to the account. Staff members can do this on their own when they log in to the Shopify admin with their credentials.

The email associated with a staff account is used to log in to Shopify. Shopify bills are sent to the email associated with the account owner's staff account.

The account owner's profile is similar to a staff account. Follow the same steps as editing a staff account to edit the account owner's profile information.

Update staff account details

After you create a staff account, you can update it if you need to. Staff members can also edit account details, both for their own accounts and for other staff members.


  1. Log in as the account owner or as a staff member with full permissions.
  1. In the Accounts and permissions section, click the name of the staff member you want to edit.

  2. Update the staff account details.

  3. Click Save.

You will now see the updated details for that staff account.

Set a staff account picture

You can let staff members use their own picture for their staff accounts instead of the default. Staff members can also create a Gravatar account with their account emails and use that as their account picture.


  1. In the Accounts and permissions section, click the name of the user you want to edit.

  2. In the Account information section, click Upload photo to choose an image for the staff account.

  3. After you've uploaded an image, click Save.

The staff member's picture will now appear next to their name.

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