Shopify Plus

If you are a merchant selling in high volume, you can focus on expanding your business with Shopify's enterprise-level plan.

Shopify Plus includes the following great features:

  • advanced Shopify apps that are designed for high-growth merchants.
  • a Wholesale channel that lets you create a separate, password-protected wholesale store.
  • a customizable checkout that gives you more control over the branding of your store.
  • additional API calls that let you integrate with custom apps.
  • a Merchant Success Manager who understands your business and can help you get the most value out of using Shopify.
  • a Launch Manager who helps you get your store online faster by assisting with third-party integrations, and finding partners to work on design and development projects specifically for your business.
  • unlimited staff accounts to allow you to grow your personnel without the risk of additional costs.
  • nine expansion stores for internationalization, separate physical locations, and other related purposes.
  • access to exclusive beta programs to preview and influence the product roadmap
  • access to technology, agency, and solution partners with our Shopify Plus Partner Program.
  • membership to the Shopify Plus Community on Facebook to share strategies and experiences with other high-volume merchants.

Specialized Apps and Channels

The following channels and apps can be used by Shopify Plus merchants only:

Additional API resources

The following API resources can be used by Shopify Plus merchants only:


The following Liquid files can be used by Shopify Plus merchants only:


The following integrations can be used by Shopify Plus merchants only:

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