Online store editor for the Shopify app

After installing the Shopify app, you can log in to your account and start running your store from your mobile device.

You can manage your online store from your mobile device with the Shopify app. The app features an online store overview page that allows you to edit your store, modify content, and publish your site from one screen. Using the mobile theme editor, you can update or edit your online store from anywhere, as well as create blog posts, add pages, update your menus, and manage your theme.


In the Shopify app, tap the icon to open your store overview. From here, you have access to the same features as the desktop version of your Shopify admin, including the following features:

Sales channels

Your active sales channels are accessible through the tab in the Shopify app. You can tap on any sales channel name for an overview of the sales channel, along with similar functionality to the desktop site. Each sales channel is different. Refer to the specific sales channel documentation for information on how to use the channel's features in the Shopify app.

You can also add a new sales channel by tapping the Add channel button.

Online Store

The Online Store section displays a preview of your currently active theme in both desktop and mobile form. To access your store details, tap the image of your online store.

Preview your online store

Tap the eye icon in the upper right corner of the Shopify app to open your store in a browser window. You can scroll through your store and tap on any links or products to open them. A bar along the bottom of your device screen has information about the store you're previewing, and displays the last save date of your store.

Tap the Actions button. From here, you can hide the action bar, close the preview, or share the preview. Tap on Share preview to get a preview link to your online store that is accessible to anyone you share the link with for two days. As this is a preview of your store, anyone using the link won't be able to make purchases or transactions using the preview link. You can copy the preview link to your device clipboard by tapping Copy link.

Tap Done to close the store preview and return to the Online Store page in the Shopify app.

Manage your theme

You can manage your theme and theme library on your mobile device with the Shopify app.

Themes on mobile

On the tab of the Shopify app, tap Online Store > Manage all themes. Your current theme with the version and install date is displayed.

Scroll down to the Theme library heading to view all the themes currently in your theme library.

Tap the Add theme button to add a new theme to your library. If you have the new theme's zip file on your mobile device, then you can upload the new theme to your online store by tapping Upload zip file. You'll be prompted to select the file from your device to upload. Note that the file must be a .zip file less than 50MB in size.

If you don't have the new theme on your device, then you can choose to connect to GitHub and upload your new theme from there. Tap the Connect from GitHub button and follow the prompts to log into your GitHub account for the new theme file.

For more information on updating or adding themes, refer to the theme management documentation.

Updating themes

If your theme has an update available, then a blue dot displays below your theme name. Tap on the drop-down arrow to view the update details, view release notes, or add the update to your theme library.

Online store editor for the Shopify app

You can now customize your theme using your mobile device. The Shopify app includes a mobile theme editor, allowing you to customize your online store from your mobile device. You can make changes to your theme settings, and add, remove, edit, and rearrange content.

To open the mobile theme editor, tap > Online Store > Edit on your device.

In the mobile theme editor, you can:

  • Adjust your theme settings by tapping the ... in the app header and then tapping Theme settings
  • Customize your pages and templates by tapping the Home page drop-down button at the top of your screen. You can Search for a specific part of your online store with the search bar in this menu.
  • Edit individual sections and blocks from the Sections portion of the mobile editor:

For more information on customizing your online store with the theme editor, refer to the theme customization documentation.

Web Performance dashboard and reports

Your current Web Performance dashboard and reports are displayed in your Analytics reports. Search "Web Performance" score from the list of reports.

From the dashboard page, you can view your storefront's performance over the last 28 days across each Core Web Vital: loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. These metrics provide an overall view of the visitor experience on your online store. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to switch between mobile, desktop, or all (default) views.

On the metric report page, you can view how changes to your online store—such as app installations, theme updates, and new code—have affected each Core Web Vital. Adjust various filters, such as time range, date grouping, and device type, to best represent your site's traffic. The second chart displays the number of page visits that fall into each performance category: good, moderate, or poor.

For suggestions on improving your store’s performance, tap any of the buttons to access relevant resources. Learn more about Online Store Web Performance.

Blog posts

Tap the Blog posts heading to open your blog posts. You can create a new blog post, or edit existing posts. Refer to the Blogs documentation for more information on creating and editing blog posts.

Tap Done to close the blog page.


Tap the Pages heading to open a list of your pages. You can use the search bar to locate a specific page, or tap More filters to narrow your search down to pages that are hidden or visible.

Tap the Select button to select one or more pages. You can change the visibility status of your selected pages, or delete them entirely from your online store.

You can Edit your store's pages. Tap a page to open the rich text editor in the Shopify app. Make your changes, and then tap Save.

Tap Done to close the page.

Refer to the Pages documentation for more information on Pages.

Tap the Navigation button to open the Navigation page. From here, you can edit the menus that display on your online store. Refer to the Menus and links documentation for more information on menu types and how to use them.

You can also access your collection and search filters on the Navigation page in the Shopify app.

Tap Done to close the Navigation page.

Password protection

You can turn password protection for your store on or off in the Shopify app. Tap the Password protection button to toggle the store password on or off.

Learn more about password protection for your online store in the password documentation.


Tap the Preferences button to open your store preferences.

On this page, you can:

Tap Save to save any changes you made, or Done to close the preferences page.

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