Partners and Experts FAQ

The Shopify Partner Program gives digital professionals (including designers, developers, marketers and influencers) all the tools they need to build successful businesses alongside Shopify. Our partners receive unlimited trial stores, in-depth documentation, and the opportunity to earn from multiple revenue streams. Gain insider information on our product roadmap and upcoming feature releases, and leverage Partner Support. You'll receive free training and resources to learn Shopify and grow your business.

Have questions about joining the Shopify Partner community or how to get started? Browse our FAQs. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then contact Partner Support. Partner Support can help you to navigate our Partner programs, resolve issues for your clients, and grow your Partner business.

  • Shopify Partners – Refer your clients to Shopify, build apps and themes, and earn money with Shopify.
  • Shopify Affiliates — An overview of how to pitch Shopify as an influencer, and how to track and manage your affiliate referrals.
  • Shopify Partner Glossary — Read our glossary of terms to better understand the ins and outs of the Shopify Partner Program.