How to qualify for the Shopify Plus Partner Program

Before submitting an application on behalf of your business, you should ensure that your business meets all of the necessary prerequisites.

These prerequisites are used as a starting point when reviewing new applications to the Shopify Plus Partner Program. They are subject to change based on location, type of service offering, and other business factors. Meeting these prerequisites doesn't guarantee acceptance into the Shopify Plus Partner Program.

  • Your business has proven experience working with high growth merchants
  • Your business is considered to be a thought leader in commerce and is identified in the public market as such
  • Your business has the technical expertise and commerce knowledge necessary to build world-class solutions on Shopify Plus
  • Your business can provide end-to-end services and has the bandwidth to support multiple complex solutions
  • Your business has an existing portfolio of high-volume merchants with a proven track record for success
  • Your business has completed three or more successful referrals in the last 12 months

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Ongoing qualifications

Organizations that are accepted into the Shopify Plus Partner Program will be measured to ensure the following:

  • Positive feedback from existing Shopify Plus merchants
  • Excellent scoring on store build performance, speed, and accessibility reports
  • Strong adherence to Shopify Plus best practices during launch and development cycles
  • Active participation in Shopify community engagement and thought leadership