Template variables in workflow messages

You can customize the messages that you send from your workflows, so that they include references to your actual customers, orders, and products. For example, when a new customer is created, you can message your sales staff to send a welcome email to the new customer. To do this, you need to add template variables to your email message.

Template variables are placeholders that are replaced with actual values when a workfow runs. These variables describe the attributes of the customers, orders, and products that are involved in your workflows. For example, there are template variables for the order number, order price, customer name, and so on.

The following is an example of an message, which uses template variables. This message is part of a workflow that runs when a customer makes an order for more than $500:

To Jean@mycompany.com

Please send a personal thank you note to {{order.customer.firstName}} {{order.customer.lastName}}({{order.customer.email}}) for placing an order for  {{order.totalPrice}}

When a customer, Jeanne Dupont, creates an order for $1000, then the following message is sent:


Please send a personal thank you note to Jeanne Dupont (jeanne@jeanneemail.com) for placing an order for $1000.00

Adding variables to messages

When you create your workflow message in Flow, you can choose your variables from a filtered list. Learn how to add variables to messages

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