Checklist for setting up an online store for your restaurant

If your customers can’t visit your restaurant for a meal, then selling online gives you the option to let your customers pick up their meals, have meals delivered to them, or purchase gift cards to share with others. Creating an online presence for your restaurant lets you provide customers with more information about your business, a place for them to leave reviews, and a way for them to sign up for emails from your business. You might find it helpful to print this checklist or to download it as a PDF so that you can refer to it throughout the setup process.

If you already have an ecommerce website, then consider migrating it to Shopify.

For more details, refer to our in depth guide to setting up an online store for a restaurant.

Set up your store

Before you launch the online storefront for your restaurant, verify that you have considered all of the following steps.

Customize your store

Use these suggestions to help make your online store your own.

Test your store

Before you launch your online store, place some test orders to see how the checkout process works.

Open your store

After you've picked a plan and tested your online store, you're ready for people to see it. You can remove your online store password, and add a chat widget to make it easy for online store visitors to ask questions.

Let your customers know you're open for business

After you open your online store, you need to promote it. You can improve your store's visibility by adding the information that will be used by search engines, and by promoting your store in all of the appropriate spaces.

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