Secções para Brooklyn

Theme content is built using sections. Sections are customizable blocks of content that determine the layout and appearance of different pages on your online store. You can add, remove, edit, and customize sections using the updated theme editor.

Shopify's themes have the following types of sections:

  • Static sections: Sections that appear in predetermined locations in your online store. These sections can't be removed or rearranged. Static sections might include headers, footers, navigation sections, or content sections on pages like product pages and collection pages. For example, the Product section determines the appearance of each product page on your online store.
  • Dynamic sections: Optional sections that you can use to customize the layout of your home page. On your store's home page, you can add, rearrange, and remove dynamic sections to create the page layout. You can have up to 25 dynamic sections on your home page.

You can learn about Brooklyn's unique selection of sections and how to customize them to suit your business.

Sugestão Se utilizar um tema livre da Shopify, pode ver descrições detalhadas das suas secções e definições ao marcar Temas livres da Shopify e clicar no nome do seu tema.

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