Set up your online Shopify store

Add products to your store and sort them into collections. Create and display your content and choose your design. Set up taxes, take payments, and use your own domain.

Mondays at 10:30am CET

Tuesdays at 11am EST

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Introduction à Shopify

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Lundi à 9am EST

Introduction to Shopify POS

Sync with your Shopify admin and set up your hardware. Learn how to use Shopify POS for purchases and exchanges, order management, and register shifts.

On Demand

What's new

Join us for an hour-long session with our Guru team as they summarize new products and updates to the Shopify platform from the past month. There will be a focus on changes that are most likely to impact your business, and we'll not only provide an opportunity to see them in action but will also provide use cases to help you understand how these changes relate to your long-term success on Shopify. Learn more about updates to Shopify from the Shopify changelog.

Third Thursday of every month at 2pm EST / 11am PST

Getting started with Oberlo

This one hour live demo will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Oberlo, including adding Oberlo to your Shopify store and configuring settings, adding products and processing sales, and general dropshipping tips to help you succeed.

Thursdays at 10:30am EST

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Getting started with Kit

Kit can help you run your business by making marketing efforts painless. Interested? This 30-minute live demo gives a detailed walk-through of how to set up and use the app, and also leaves time for Q&A with a member of the Kit team. Perfect for anyone who has recently installed Kit on their shop or anyone who is curious about it.

Monday–Thursday at 10am PST

Monday–Thursday at 4pm PST

Monday–Thursday at 11am CET

Don't see a time slot that fits your schedule? Watch a recording!