Partner homepage

The homepage provides a quick overview of your Partner organization's performance and activity. You can see it by logging into the Partner Dashboard. Based on your permissions in your Partner organization, you might have access to view different components listed below.

Full page screenshot of the Partners homepage

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Homepage overview

Below is the list of all sections you can see on the homepage that correspond to the above screenshot.

Module Description
1 Critical notification A critical notification banner is displayed for users who haven't read the most recent critical notification.
2 Stores For users who have permission to view the Partner organization's stores, this section lists the 5 most recently accessed stores. You can click the store name to view the store details page, or click the Log in button to access the store's Shopify admin. If you have the required permissions, then you can also create a new store or request collaborator account access to merchant stores.
3 Business overview For users who have permissions to view financials or referrals, this section has up to 3 metric cards. For users who have permissions to view financials, a payout card is displayed that shows the pending payout amount and the year-to-date total payout amount. Hovering your cursor over the card heading displays a tooltip that shows the pending payout date. For users who have permissions to view referrals, a card for active store referrals is displayed that shows both total active store referrals and the stores referred this year. Users who have permissions to view referrals are also shown a leads card that displays both the lifetime leads submitted and the leads submitted this year. All 3 metric cards are clickable, and will take you to the relevant pages in the dashboard.
4 Recent lead activity For users who have permissions to view referrals, this section has a timeline view of leads activity. Up to 4 leads are displayed in this timeline view, with a View more button that links to the leads page in the dashboard. There is also a Submit new lead button at the top of section that allows you to submit leads.
5 Recommended resources This section includes links to Shopify's Partners blog, Shopify Sales Resources, Partner Session Webinars, and courses from our Shopify Foundations Certification program.
Note: These resources are in English only.
6 Changelog This section displays the latest entries from the Shopify changelog. Click the View more link to access the full changelog.
Note: The changelog is in English only.