Manage Partner settings

Your Partner settings let you manage key information about your Partner Organization, including the following items:

  • Contact information for your business. Shopify uses this information to communicate with you about important updates and information about your Partner organization and the technologies you use.
  • Financial information, including payout methods for earnings, tax information, and billing information for Partner expenses.
  • Credentials for Partner tools like the Partner API and Shopify CLI.

Update Partner settings

  1. Log in to the Partner Dashboard.
  2. In the left-hand menu, select Settings.
  3. Fill in the information for the setting that you want to edit, or click the setting View or Manage option to expand the setting.
  4. Click Save.

Partner settings overview

Below is a list of categories of settings that you can control for your Partner organization.

Section Description
Account information The Shopify profile for the logged in user.
Business details Basic information about your Partner organization, including your business name and website.
Contact information Contact information for your Partner organization.

This information includes the business email for your organization, where all important communications from Shopify are sent. Make sure that you keep this email address up to date, and monitor the inbox regularly.
Emergency developer contact information An email address where Shopify notifies you about technical issues or updates that impact your app. For example, Shopify might use this email address to notify you about backwards-incompatible changes in the API version that your app is using, or a bug or outage that's impacting a significant number of merchants. Emergency developer contact information is a requirement to list your app in the Shopify App Store.

To learn more about the requirements for this account, and how to supply this information for apps that aren't listed in the Shopify App Store, visit
Payouts The settings for your earnings payout method.

Learn more about managing your payout method.
Taxes Any tax business identification numbers for your business. These identification numbers are used to calculate the sales taxes applied to the commissions you charge Shopify on affiliate referrals, developer store referrals and Shopify Plus referrals.

Learn how taxes are calculated.
Invoices An optional note that appears at the bottom of your Shopify fees and App Store Ads invoices.
Billing Payment methods, bills, and credits for charges related to your Partner account, such as App Store ads.
Partner API clients The API clients you can use to query the GraphQL Partner API, You can create or remove clients, and control the permissions that grant the API access to your Partner organization's information.
CLI token Tokens that let you work with apps programmatically using Shopify CLI.

Learn more about using CLI tokens in a CD pipeline.