Managing stores

As a Shopify Partner, you can use stores as a tool to build products for merchants. You can also access merchants' stores to help them to meet their business' needs. You can use the Shopify Partner Dashboard Stores page to create and access stores. You can perform the following tasks:

  • Create and manage development stores. Development stores can be used to test features in a developer preview, test an app or theme, or configure and then transfer a customized store to a client.
  • Create sandbox stores. Sandbox stores can be used to test Shopify Plus features or create demos for prospective merchants. Sandbox stores are available only to Shopify Plus Partners.
  • Request collaborator account access to merchant stores.
  • View or log into stores where you have collaborator account access or stores that you have transferred to a client.
  • Review the performance of the stores that you manage.

You can access the Stores page by logging into your Partner Dashboard and clicking Stores.

The Stores list

The Stores list contains all of the stores that you have created, accessed, or attempted to access using your Partner account. You can click on any store to view its details. If you want to view a single store type, then click the tab for the type. For example, if you want to see only your development stores, then click the Development tab.

Managed stores

Stores are classified as managed stores in the following cases:

  • You have collaborator access to the store.
  • You created the store as a development store and then transferred it to a merchant.
  • You have requested collaborator access to the store.
  • You requested collaborator access to the store, but were denied.
  • You formerly had collaborator access that was removed.

On the Stores page, you can view a managed store's current plan and status. If a store's plan is listed as Inactive, then it has been paused by the merchant and is currently dormant. For more information about managed stores, refer to Requesting access to a client's store.

Development stores

Development stores are stores that you can use to preview features, develop apps or themes, or set up and transfer to clients. On the Stores page, you can view a development store's status. If a store has a developer preview enabled, then the developer preview is listed. For more information about development stores, refer to Creating development stores.

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