3D modeling checklist for Shopify Partners

Use this checklist to make sure that a 3D model is ready to be delivered to a merchant. For more information on proper modeling technique, refer to Creating 3D models for merchants.

If a merchant asks where they can inspect the 3D model, then tell them to use model-viewer by dragging and dropping the GLB file onto the web page. For USDZ files, have them open the file on an iOS or MacOS device.

Mandatory requirements

The following points are required of all 3D models made for Shopify merchants.

Technical requirements

  • Model geometry
  • 1 base color texture
  • 1 normal map texture
  • 1 texture with ambient occlusion, roughness, and metalness mapped to the RBG channels respectively
  • 1 emissive map (if applicable)

Visual accuracy

Mesh quality

Physically-based rendering (PBR)

Material quality

Modeling for revisions

Real-world scale

UV layout

Product origin

Exporting practices

Best practices

When modeling, keep in mind the following best practices. They might vary in relevance from model to model, but they should be followed most of the time.