Working on client stores

As a Shopify Partner, you might want to access a client's store to perform certain tasks. For example, you might want to access a client's store to make changes to their theme.

To access a client's store, you can use one of the following accounts:

  • Collaborator account (recommended): You can use collaborator accounts to access your clients' stores directly through your own Partner Dashboard. Collaborator accounts give you access to only the sections of a store that your client wants you to see, and don't count towards a store's staff limit. Any stores that you have access to using a collaborator account are labeled as Managed stores in your Partner Dashboard. Learn how to send a collaborator request to a merchant.
  • Staff account: If you need to do something that can't be accomplished with a collaborator account, then you can request that a merchant create a staff account for you to use. For example, you might need to access the Shopify admin on a mobile device to test an app.

Asking a merchant for their password, or using a merchant's credentials to access their store, is prohibited.

You can work on a merchant's store in the Shopify admin, or use developer tools like Shopify CLI and the Shopify GitHub integration to work on the store with your local development tools.

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