Getting started checklist with Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN)

Welcome to the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN)! Whether you have worked with a logistics solution before or are new to fulfillment, you can learn more about what is needed for fulfillment here. You might find it helpful to print this page so that you can refer to it throughout the setup process.

Before you begin using SFN, it's helpful to understand what SFN can offer and how it will be done. You need to prepare your products and business in your Shopify admin. Preparing your products in advance helps to ensure that the fulfillment centers are ready to receive your inventory. When your products are accurately prepared, SFN personnel are able to process your products and fulfill orders more quickly.

To prepare your business to start fulfilling orders with SFN, follow these steps:

Before you start

Getting started

These steps are only applicable if you are setting up the SFN App for the first time.

If the App isn't available for your account, then your store isn't eligible for SFN. This can happen if:

  • You don't have Shopify Payments.
  • Have prohibited items.
  • Aren't currently fulfilling from the US.

Activating your fulfillment

When sending your products into SFN, review the following considerations:

  • There's no limit in the amount you can send to SFN, however there are restrictions to pallet weight and dimensions.
  • Full containers are accepted with an appointment.
  • You'll be assigned a location to send your inventory in your SFN App.
  • If your inventory quantity allows, then it will be distributed across the network to be close to your customers for no additional fee. This is called inventory balancing and allows for orders to ship to your customers in 3 days or less. Read more about inventory balancing and how to prepare your products for success.

Managing your products

Having accurate and set dimensions eliminates issues for soft and bendable items that might have different measurements if it's measured every time an item is shipped.

After your products arrive at the fulfillment center they need to be received by Shopify fulfillment personnel. The receiving timelines are outlined to help you plan for when your products will be available for fulfillment.

You will be able to review items and quantities that are received in your inbound transfer. Any discrepancies or damage will be noted. Contact SFN support if you have questions.

Managing your account

  • If original packaging is preferred for a product, then it's important to make sure a 4x6 label is able to be attached clearly.
  • If standard shipping is selected, then the fulfillment center will determine whether a box or polybag is appropriate. Larger items will be shipped in boxes.

Understanding how orders will be fulfilled and shipped

This can include:

  • Missing address information.
  • Too many characters in a line.
  • Formatting for Military APO addresses to reduce delays or delivery issues.

SFN updates your Shopify order details page with updates about tracking. In your Settings > Notifications you can set up alerts for your customers to get updates as soon as the information is available. There is no real-time shipping update application for customers.

Understanding SFN pricing and billing

Your fulfillment fee includes:

  • Inbound receiving
  • Inventory placement/forwarding
  • Pick and pack
  • Standard supplies, including box or mailer and all other packaging needs
  • Transportation

Your rate card has in depth explanations about these. A brief overview:

  • Domestic fulfillment fees are weight based. This means that each item in an order is associated with a cost based on the item's weight. It can be combined with other items and their weight to calculate the price for the order. This applies to all US orders. Refer to your rate card for specific weights and amounts.
  • Hawaii, Alaska, US Territories and military zip codes are weight based with separate rates than the domestic fulfillment fees.
  • International fulfillment fees are zone based. This means that each order is determined by its billable weight and the distance by zone the order will need to travel to reach its final destination. Refer to your rate card for specific weights and amounts.

Product requirements and eligibility are outlined and there are fees for products that extend beyond these dimensions.

Refunds or credits are eligible for certain fulfillment issues as per the Terms of Service.

Getting support for SFN

Fulfillment and logistics can be complex. SFN has dedicated teams to help you manage this complexity and help you grow your business with fulfillment.

Can't find answers you're looking for? We're here to help you.